Blooming Cellar formed in London in the early 90’s firstly living in Hackney and performing in venues around London such as Dublin Castle, The Laurel Tree, The Falcon, The Orange, Monarch and Samuel Pepys. Then after a year or two they moved to Leyton, still performing in venues around London & UK and getting air play on BBC radio 1 evening sessions and being reviewed in Music Week by Steve lamacq (please see reviews below). After that there house in Leyton burned down due to an accident losing them most of their musical equipment but they managed to carry on, going on to tour around Europe but sadly after that the lead singer Kevin Howlett became seriously ill. The original Blooming Cellar disbanded in 1998.

But the story goes on Kevin Howlett continues to record under the Blooming Cellar title with Jean-Marc to this day, and working with other musicians listed below, working on new songs, he also has organised a music project for 17 years for students aged 8 -17 called the Bandit Music Projects of which he gained a CIVIC award for, please see banditmusicproject.co.uk

Also, the song Wild Bird which is on the Blooming Cellar album Fall into Sea got to the semi-finals of the international song writing competition in 2019, below are some of the reviews the band has got over the years.

Original line up of Blooming Cellar

Kevin Howlett, Jean-marc Valet, Steve Dourdil, Neil Grove

Other musicians that have joined the cause

Jon Green, Dave Ayre, Alex Howgego, Amy Gardner, Chris Scott

Artwork on this site is by

Joan Conlon, Kevin Howlett, Marley Howlett (10 years old), Marcus


Steve Lamacq (Music Week)

Blooming Cellar Reviews

whose single Purity Teen is a pretty thing, looks like Walthamstow High Street with a bit of late Eighties Leytonstone pop chic thrown in. The singer could be a bit of a star with his slightly faraway stage presence and their gig at the

Laurel Tree featured a few nicely bittersweet sparklers which sound quite neat in the autumn.

Peter Whitehead, GIG UK (National Band Register Magazine)

What an intriguing way to right a song! ‘Mr Portilda’ is a blank verse poem about boring John Portilda who dreams all day, has ass holes for friends and can’t even smoke dope in case his girlfriend finds out and tells him off. Somehow they’ve managed to put it to music really effectively with a really catchy tune – a hit in our office. The music’s verging on country, solid and harmonic like the Bellamy Brothers, but the words are superb. ‘Ben’s Magic Red Scarf’ is about the singer’s friend who has life on a plate, including loads of horny girlfriends which he reckon is due to his ‘right on’ clothes and, in particular, his magic red scarf. Again they’ve got a really catchy chorus so that’s another three points for an away win. ‘Sea’ gets all serious and depressive and the joking’s definitely over. Highly autobiographical stuff, one suspects, but what a great band. Could it happen, I wonder?


The Fly Magazine

Retrospective, insomuch as they take on board early Lemonheads and late XTC, Blooming Cellar have an English ness that nestles easily in the ears and compliments the coming summer months.

John Haylock

I was in such a good mood i almost enjoyed the Proclaimers; I would walk 500 miles’ etc etc etc. The Divine Comedy headlined and Neil Hanlon, the Charles Hawtry of rock n roll had the crowd eating out of his very posh hands. But my moment of revelation lay in a small tent a few feet away. I wandered into a set by the unlikely named Silver Camper Van … it was beautiful….all gorgeous vocals and intelligent lyrics married to some lovely tunes; really refreshing… i almost dropped my Fosters. Apparently, there is an album …it’s now at the top of my albums i must own list.